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Hi, I'm Uloma



"Where I come from is a blend of cultures. I am a first generation immigrant.  I was born to immigrant black parents who partly have roots in Europe. Though I spent some of my early years in West Africa, I now call America my home after moving here as a teenager. My family tree is diverse, with ancestry from both Africa and Europe. As a mother of four kids, from young adult to young ones, my family is a mix of heritages. We've built a life here but we don't forget where we started - that mix of backgrounds that makes us who we are."


For over five years before starting my own business, I was employed as a Clinical Documentation Specialist at two different large healthcare companies. In these roles, I provided documentation services for over 10 to 35 hospitals. While I found the work fulfilling, I didn't stop working on my goals and self development. My work was meaningful yet left room for growth. Each day I strived to better understand myself and advance goals outside labor. A balanced life involves constant personal progress alongside a rewarding career. By focusing inward as well as on tasks, I feel most fulfilled.   Overtime, I decided to start freelancing as a writer and substitute teacher.

Now, for the past five years I have had a thriving career supporting myself financially with flexible remote work. Through building skills and relationships, I've been able to grow my business. Although I enjoyed my healthcare and writing careers, I have always had a passion for public service and helping people in my community. There is no time better than the present to pursue new goals that allow me to have an even greater positive impact. Going forward, I aim to explore new opportunities where I can apply my newly acquired skills and experience to serve others on a larger scale. My career skills so far has equipped me to take the next step in working for the benefit of all.


Unlocking the Future, Justice For all

The path to progress lies open; a brighter tomorrow awaits if equality of justice covers everyone with fairness as the light and liberty as the song. For the future holds hope solely when shared without bias by all beneath the sun. Yet the road remains long and challenges persist at every turn. Prejudice and power still distort justice, denying so many their rights and due rewards from the system. But if we stand together in solidarity - those favored and less so - recognizing our shared stake in a society where law applies evenly from highest to lowest, then bit by bit the barriers to justice can fall. With patience and understanding, compassion over accusation, we lift each other to that sunlit plain where none are left in shadows and all may know justice as their birthright. This is the future we must build, and the present we must shape, through unity of purpose and equality of care for one another. Only then comes the unlocking of tomorrow.

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